January 28, 2009

Newest Book Nookers!

When I said changes were coming, I wasn't kidding. Today I have the pleasure of introducing the latest two Book Nookers...and more are on their way!

Our first new member, Debateur, writes over on Debateur Debates. If you think her name "Debateur" sounds fancy with the "u" in there, just know she's Canadian. Does that mean we're international now? I, Ronnica, have been a friend of Debateur since she started her site a few months back. She's currently dealing with a bit of a health crisis, so I hope that reading can be a bit of an escape. I'm excited to have her on board!

Our other latest reviewer is Fancy Schmancy. Hopefully she'll fancy up the place. She found us through Marie's blog, so we know she must have a sense of humor. She's already mentioned to me what her first review will be (unless she's going to throw a curve ball), and the book sounds very interesting!

Welcome, ladies!


  1. Thanks for the welcome! I've got to let you know in advance, though - the fanciest I get is when I put on the Good slippers to greet company...


Thanks for joining our discussion of this book!

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