October 31, 2008

Trusting God by Jerry Bridges

Jerry Bridges as been one of my favorite Christian living authors. The Pursuit of Holiness and The Discipline of Godliness have been great tools in my spiritual growth.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel that Trusting God had the same impact on my life. On don't know whether it is my current state, hardness of heart, or merely a differing view of the relationship between the sovereignty of God and man's choice.

I don't think this is a bad book though, it just is not a favorite as the other two books I've read of his. One thing that is particularly touching about this book is that while Jerry Bridges is seeking to learn and teach how to trust God "even when life hurts" (the subtitle of the book), his first wife falls sick and dies. This is not merely an academic exercise for Bridges, it is how he lives.

If you are going through suffering or know someone who is suffering, I would recommend this book. If you are simply wanting to read something by Jerry Bridges, I would recommend either The Pursuit of Holiness or The Discipline of Grace.

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