September 15, 2008

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I've been dragging my feet for a little bit about writing this review. What do I say? I know it's a popular book out right now, but I didn't really like it.

Okay, so that's exactly what I say. I didn't really like it. It's not awful--though I certainly don't agree with the points she is making--but it didn't really grab my attention either. Elizabeth Gilbert writes well, but somewhere she didn't really grab my attention. It took me longer than I expected to simply finish the book. I can't really pinpoint why. She seems to be a great writer and had some interesting things to say, so what was my problem?

The premise of this memoir is that she is trying to discover balance in her life. In order to do so, she is traveling to Italy, India, and finally, to Indonesia. In Italy she's pursuing pleasure. In India, she's practicing spiritual devotion. And in Indonesia she's trying to balance them both. For anyone who knows me, you'll realize that I'm not on the same page as Gilbert, as she's open to practicing whatever spiritual exercise that works for you while I believe that my object of worship, God, has set up parameters in how we can/should worship and know Him.

I can't really recommend this book.


  1. I've been seeing this book around and was curious. I thought about picking it up once but put it back down. I guess because I don't see why anyone should travel to other countries to seek the divine. The divine can be found in anything, anywhere. You want to learn something about yourself, use public transportation for a week. Ya know?

  2. "while I believe that my object of worship, God, has set up parameters in how we can/should worship and know Him."

    Well said.

  3. I am not into this new genre of memoirs where ordinary people do something and they think it is so great that they write a book to bring attention to themselves.

    Yeah, I may use my blog to write about our vacations and travels, but I don't expect a book deal.

    What makes these people think that what they do is so great?

  4. I will be reading this book next month for my mom's group book club now I'm dreading it.


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