August 16, 2008

Reader, I Married Him by Michele Roberts

This book was a phenomenal waste of time.

So many times I wanted to put it down because there was just no plot evident, but the writing itself was good enough that it continually convinced me that it was just a slow starter. Yep, it was such a slow start that it never got going at all. I can't believe I read the whole thing.

It kind of reminded me of Under the Tuscan Sun, but with no plot or any amount of plausibility. Romance? No. Unemotional sex with crude language? Yes. Mystery? No. A very shoddy attempt at mystery with a purely stupid explanation and anticlimactic discovery? Yes.

Some other really annoying things about this book:

A progressive nun that snorts cocaine and pulls a gun on her bishop without ever explaining why beyond "I just wanted to scare him a little." Yeah, but why????

One of those books that makes it look like everyone goes to Italy all the time and just happens to know everyone there and run into everyone from back home as well. And that if you go to Italy everyone will invite you to their house to meat Nonna and eat quaint rustic meals.

This book was just stupid on so many levels. I give it no stars.



  1. Yikes, that sounds awful. The worst book we've reviewed yet!

  2. That's certainly a clear review.

    A nun with cocaine & a gun? Yes, that really IS progressive.

    Nuns have changed their ideas a bit these days.

  3. I sure an happy I found this blog. Honestly though there's no way I could keep up with you guys. I don't know how you can review two books in two days ! I'm lucky if I can read a book a week. I'm adding you into my reader today.

  4. oh ick. I'm not sure I could really consider a book whose title addresses me, though I did stop to read your review because I want to know why the writer did that. why did the writer do that?


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