April 22, 2008

Book Review: The Simple Truth

The Simple Truth by David Baldacci actually surprised me. When I started this book I was very doubtful I would make it the end, especially with the book being about 500 pages long, but by the 5th chapter I was hooked.

This book is a legal thriller about a man, Rufus, imprisoned by the Army but has no memory of the alleged crime he committed. When Rufus receives a seemly innocent letter from the Army, all of his memories come back and he realizes he was framed! In Rufus's attempt to get his freedom back, he ends escaping from prison, getting help and more problems from Judges and clerks of the Supreme Court and has one attorney willing to help him.

I especially liked John Fiske's character who has his own demons to conquer while helping Rufus.

From Amazon:

Baldacci offers glimpses into the arcane politics of the high court, where Justice Elizabeth Knight wages war with the manipulative Chief Justice Harold Ramsay. And while Harms struggles to keep out of harm's way and the justices duke it out, Supreme Court law clerk Sara Evans toils with ex-cop John Fiske to discover the import of Harms's appeal (and, simultaneously, to uncover the murderer of Mike Fiske, John's law clerk-brother and the original holder of the appeal). Their interest in the document apparently draws the attention of the same deadly conspirators who manipulated Harms over two decades earlier. While the armed mayhem sometimes rises to the point of excess, Baldacci's novel continues to offer new surprises until the final pages.


  1. I do like reading good legal thrillers, so I am curious as to how this compares to John Grisham?

  2. The only John Grisham I have read is The Firm and I like The Simple Truth better.

  3. This sounds like a book I would enjoy. I've loved all of the John Grisham books. I read only about a book a month, but that's 12 a year. I'm going to add this one to my list.


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