February 25, 2008

Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult by DeWeese and Moreland

I know that my book posts have gotten a little boring lately, but sadly most of my reading right now is for class. I won't post about all the books I have to read, but I would like to post about those that might be interesting to the general population.

Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult: a Beginner's Guide to Life's Big Questions is a great introduction to philosophy. I've not had any formal training in the subject before this semester, so this has been a great way to start to grasp some of the basic concepts.

I would only recommend this book to someone who has a strong interest in learning philosophy. It's not overly difficult (hence the title), but it isn't beach reading, either. Unlike the last book I wrote about, this book does read more like a textbook, albeit an interesting one.

Now that I've completely convinced you that you would never want to read this book, I want to encourage you to read the chapter "How Should Christians Think About Science?" if you have any interest in how Christians do/should view science. It opened up my eyes to several things that I had never considered before, as well as provided necessary support for views that I had previously held insubstantially.

As you probably realize, science by and large has rejected the Biblical accounts of creation and miracles and seeks to explain the universe apart from God. This clearly is a challenge that Christians must face, and the authors of this book assert that philosophy is the proper realm of this discussion.

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