February 1, 2008

Book Review: Act of God

Act of God by Susan Sloan deals with some hot topics: abortion, a woman in what is considered a man's job, politics, justice, and terrorism. This book is about a man, Corey, who is arrested for the bombing of an abortion clinic and the attorney who defends him. The story follows the bombing, investigation, arrest, and trial. A majority of the book is set in the courtroom.

This book is not what I thought it would be. I found it listed under Christian Fiction, and while it speaks a small about about religion, it is minimal and seems to only bring out the extremist groups that rely on religion for a reason of violence and not the love and grace of God.

Even though I did not like the author's style of writing I must admit she keep me wondering about Corey's guilt or innocence until the very end. You don't find out the truth until the last two paragraphs of the book.

Unless you really enjoy reading courtroom books, I wouldn't recommend it. It is a slow story and the book is nearly 600 pages long. I found a lot of the chapters to be very boring and unnecessary. Susan Sloan has one other book out titled Guilt by Association and I have to wonder if it the same way.

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  1. Then I would probably not like this book then. I am interested in law, hence my Paralegal education, but yet I just can't get into the John Grisham novels or anything else like that.


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