January 24, 2008

Book Review: Mary Mary

Mary Mary is one of my favorite books by James Patterson.

This book is another thriller suspense novel about the life of FBI Agent Alex Cross. If you unfamiliar with James Patterson's characters, Morgan Freeman played this character in the 1997 hit movie, Kiss The Girls, which is based on James Patterson's book.

At 413 pages this book is full of suspense and surprises. The end totally caught me off guard! That in my opinion is what makes a suspense/thriller book great.

From the back cover (since it describes the book better than I could):
Somebody is murdering Hollywood's A-list. Her calling card: "You've got mail." On a family vacation, FBI agent Alex Cross is asked to investigate the shooting of a top actress...and an e-mail sent to the Los Angeles Times with shocking details abut the murder, signed Mary Smith. More killings and more e-mails follow, and Mary Smith is getting better every time. To hunt down this merciless killer of Tinseltown's elite, Cross must navigate a world where the stars sip San Pellegrino at the Ivy as hopefuls hover around studio gates with 8 X 10 glossies. And when the case catapults into blockbuster proportions, Cross and the LAPD scramble to find a pattern - before Mary sends one more chilling update.

What I liked about this book was that there were a lot of chapters from the killer's POV and it never gives away who the killer is until the very end.

I would definitely recommend this book by James Patterson.


  1. I actually like books like this, so I will have to try it out. Have you read any Mary Higgins Clarke books?

  2. Oh yes! I used to read them all time and loved most of them but it has been a while since I have read one.

  3. I've read James Patterson, but I finally got started on the Alex Cross series. I can't wait to get into it more.


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