July 14, 2008

Women of Magdalene, by Rosemary Poole-Carter

I think I've struck a gold mine with books lately, everything I pick up turns out to be great.

From reading the jacket, I thought I knew exactly what this book was and how it would read. In the aftermath of the Civil War, a young doctor is hired to care for the physical ailments of the inmates of a women's asylum. On his way there he fishes a body out of a river, the body of woman from the asylum. As his job commences he begins to suspect that the owner and director of the asylum, Dr. Kingston, is an opportunist of the worst kind. All of the South seems to idolize the man, but so many things just don't add up. And so many of the women do not appear to be crazy.

I can say no more without ruining the plot for you. But this is a great book, and I recommend it.


  1. Ack! So many good reading suggestions and not enough time!

  2. Marie, thank you so much for taking the time to read my novel and post your lovely review (which I just found through Google). Your positive response inspires me to keep working on the next book.
    Best wishes,

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